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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Henry's got it going on....

Flame -retardant toys a hazard?

State Rep. Ehrlich is worried about the levels of chemicals in children's toys.

Clearly Tickle me Elmo is doing his part in keeping those chemicals down... way down...

On this day... April 9

Randy Quaid was born in 1954. I, for one will never forget his stirring performance in this:



or this?

Drunk teen drives while breastfeeding baby

Drunk teen drives while breastfeeding baby

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She also had a suspended license, and was driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

She faces charges of failing to provide a breath sample (she was so drunk she couldn't) , driving while suspended in an unregistered and uninsured car, failing to give way and driving with an unrestrained child.

And for your viewing pleasure...

Man with gun not charged...woman with purse gets felony.

According to the CBS news site :

A man accidentally shot himself in the leg at a fast food drive-through on Tuesday... While cleaning his gun (at a drive through?)...

But no charges were filed because he didn't need a permit.

Because it wasn't concealed (although how do they know that?) ...Or perhaps it was because he only shot himself?

Shooting yourself in the leg isn't always without consequence. According to NBC Sports
The Giants released Plaxico Burress from his contract, after he accidentally shot himself in the leg... with an unlicensed gun... in a New York City nightclub.

And in an unrelated story... A woman was jailed on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when she hit a deputy in the nose with her purse.

Which surprises me. The man who shot off a gun wasn't charged with anything, however the woman with the purse was charged with a felony.

The bottom line I guess is the guy shot himself and the gun wasn't concealed... While the woman hit a deputy in the nose with a purse weighing over three three pounds (big perfume bottle in there...which was what? A concealed weapon?)

I guess it's best not to mess with a woman and her purse...

Because woman can be so mean...

Really mean...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

James Bond

I understand why there is a new James Bond and I like Daniel Craig but...I really miss the humor that Roger Moore added. To me it was that snarky thing that 'was' James Bond.

And he thought he was Bond, James Bond too.

I'd like to see this guy tackle Bond, James Bond.

Hugh Grant


ok, how 'bout Lego Bond?

Better than zoloft....

Wow... It's fast paced. Raucous. Funny. Disturbing.

Why it's Cat-tastic...

*No animals were dressed in the production of this video*